UX & UI Agency: Conversion as the axis of the Digital Strategy

Have you ever stopped to think about UX & UI concepts ? Do you know what they really mean, or do you think these concepts don't suit you? In this article we will detail these two acronyms since sometimes we tend to think that UI UX design services are the same but they are not! Both work together and are essential to creating a good user experience but they are very different parts of the process.

Having a UX & UI agency means not only improving user satisfaction but also knowing in detail the profile of your potential client. An improvement in usability and a positive user experience ends up translating into an increase in conversions , which implies an increase in sales.

But what does each one mean?

UX (User Experience) refers to the experience that any user has when they interact with a digital platform, device, application, etc. We could say that it is the result of what he does, what he thinks and fundamentally what he feels. The combination of these actions is what is understood as the user experience.

UI (User Interface) refers to the medium through which the user communicates with a system. That is, user interface design is responsible for translating the UX into an attractive experience through the product interface through Look Feel , personality, interactions, color, etc. This user interface puts into practice all the decisions made in the information architecture, visual design and interaction design phases that have been previously defined in the UX Design process.

What are the main differences?

Both designs take into account the thoughts and emotions of users while they visit the website to achieve the best user experience and good usability . The combination of UX & UI design is what makes the user feel comfortable on a website and make use of it. For this same reason, these two concepts must be perfectly integrated, maintaining fluid communication at all times.

At the end of the day we can say that while UX design is responsible for transforming the website so that the user can easily find what they are looking for, UI design is responsible for making this path attractive and pleasant.

Why have a UX & UI Agency for a digital strategy?

On many occasions, companies make the mistake of allocating the majority of their digital strategy resources to actions focused on acquisition and loyalty , without taking into account that conversion is the key factor for other digital strategies to make sense.

Having a Partner with experience in UX & UI design on the field to develop your website is essential to differentiate yourself in the online environment and allow your brand to continue growing. Some advantages of why invest in UX & UI design:

  • Sales increase

  • Increased conversion rate

  • Improve user satisfaction

  • Allows you to know in detail the profile of your target audience

  • Reduces abandonment rate

  • Helps retain the user

  • Improve SEO positioning

As experts in this area, the first thing we do is carry out an initial audit in order to know your brand, objectives and needs. As professionals we know that these steps are vital to be able to define the strategy that will later be reflected in the development of your website.

Through constant and meticulous work, our experts will be able to make your website a reality and achieve the expected results.

What techniques do we use at the Lifting Group ?

  • Web analysis

  • Usability test

  • heat maps

  • Session recording

  • Five second tests

  • Surveys (online and offline)

  • Interviews

  • Heuristic expert evaluations

  • A/B Test

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Trusting us means having:

  • Expert consultants. We have a team of experts capable of optimizing the improvement of usability and user experience on the website

  • Guaranteed results. You will see how the indicators will begin to receive improvements since we know which actions are going to obtain positive results.

  • Contrasted methodology. We have a unique work methodology, proven by many clients.

  • Aligned with your strategy. We are able to understand your needs and we focus on working on common objectives.