The UI/UX Designer is the one who defines the interaction model in an interface using research, design and technology.

Currently, the relationship that the user establishes with a product goes beyond the fact of buying something or visiting a website. These actions result in emotions or feelings that are presented as a link that is defined as a user experience and the person responsible for making that experience the best possible is the UI UX Design services .

A UI/UX Designer or a UI/UX Designer is the professional who is in charge of supervising the user experience , the UX (User Experience), that is, the way in which users interact with a website or an app, or even with a product or service.

The key to their work is knowing these users : knowing what their tastes are or what they need, it is much easier to develop the necessary strategy to respond to those needs in the most satisfactory way.

Among its functions are:

  • Define the user prototype , proto persona or buyer persona to be clear about the company's target . These profiles must be very specific and also address demographic and sociological aspects.

  • Determine what the interaction model will be and check its effectiveness.

  • Investigate and carry out all the tests you consider necessary with real users, in order to identify behaviors and patterns and be able to define which aspects you value most.

  • Design prototypes if they are material products or wireframes if we are talking about a website, visual schemes in which their structure is reflected in a simple way.

  • Know perfectly the characteristics of the product or website with which the user interacts, to know exactly what is being offered and better understand the user's reaction.

  • Combine UX with UI . The User Interface is what is in charge of the appearance part, issues such as the typography or colors used or even ergonomics, for example. The product must be as attractive as it is capable of responding to the user's needs.

  • Collaborate closely with the product development team .

  • Pursue constant optimization , resorting to usability tests and observing the behavior of KPIs .

  • Be aware of market trends and keep an eye on the competition. It is important to identify competitors and study them to know what strategies they are carrying out and what results they obtain.

  • Be able to anticipate problems and find solutions.

What are the objectives of the UI/UX designer?

In some way, the UI/UX Designer acts as an intermediary between the user and the website or product and its main objective is to make that experience as pleasant as possible, but it is not limited to that. You must also implement a web analytics system that facilitates the implementation of the changes that are necessary to enrich that experience. What you will be achieving then will be:

  • Build customer loyalty.

  • Improve the conversion rate.

  • Increase business sales.

  • Increase the number of visits.

  • Improve engagement by reducing bounce rate and increasing dwell time.

  • Achieve a better online reputation or prestige of the brand or product.

  • Optimize costs by reducing the expenses that would be caused by having to solve a problem. Having previously tested the process, these errors are controlled.

  • Improve search engine positioning.

How to be a UI/UX Designer?

To be a UI/UX designer, a series of qualities are necessary , such as the ability to solve problems or work as a team, design skills, critical thinking, knowing how to listen, initiative or handling technology with ease.

Depending on the degree of professionalization we seek, training can begin with the most basic alternative with graphic design courses, or reach the highest level with proposals such as the online Master in Digital Graphic Design at UNIR.

As for job opportunities, specialization has become an essential requirement for the UI/UX Designer . The job market increasingly requires these professionals to be specialized in a specific field, whether in research, design, work with UI, etc.

In this sense, there are three professional profiles that could encompass the rest: User Research , whose main function is research and study of users; Direction and management of development teams; and prototype design.

Among the positions you can apply for:

  • UI/UX Designer and Consultant.

  • UXLead.

  • Innovation Director.

  • Interaction and Usability Designer.

  • Application Designer.

  • Web designer.

  • Web programmer.

  • Director of Mobile Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Expert.

  • User Experience Developer.

  • Director of Digital Accessibility.

  • Consultant and Web Developer.

The UI UX Design agency must be in constant training, always attentive to technological advances and changes in market trends. It is a multidisciplinary profile that must be a good communicator and capable of analyzing the relationship that the user establishes with the website or the product, studying what sensations or emotions they provoke, to then apply Design Thinking and propose innovative ideas that respond. to your needs.